Recent tastings: Seven wines to explore

Zolo Chardonnay gives off a clean, citrusy taste.

RECENT TASTINGS: Chateau du Pin Bordeaux 2009 ($12.99) — Here’s a good place to start learning about French value wines. I was impressed with the long, dry finish on this medium-bodied red. It went well with beef tacos … Kiona Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2011 ($10.99) — The clean, citrusy taste of this varietal is getting better all the time and this Columbia Valley winery has produced a very drinkable wine. Great with creamy cheeses, light seafood dishes or as an aperitif … Chateau Le Prade Bordeaux 2005 ($22) — A food friendly wine with a slight tannic kick an appreciable Old World complexity … Domaine Grand Moulin 2011 Savignon Blanc ($11.20) — I love French Sancerre with any light food dish and this is a keeper. There was a slight green hue to the color of this wine, which produced a great flowery bouquet and lemon, lime and apple flavors …Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2011 Vigna a Solatio Falchini ($11.25) — This varietal was the favorite wine of Pope Paolo III who led the Catholic Church after the 1547 sack of Rome. A dry, crisp wine that’ll make you feel divine … Zolo 2011 Unoaked Chardonnay ($12) — Nothing fancy, just a nice, traditional-styled white from Argentina that fills the mouth with pleasant melon and apple tastes.
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