Month: April 2013

General Wine

Time to start cellaring red wines

If you’ve been to your favorite wine shop lately you’ve probably noticed a brighter interior than usual. That’s because smart wine merchants are redeploying their stock, putting new spring and summer white wines on prominent shelf space and reducing their big winter reds. It’s a good sign. With the warm weather and al fresco entertaining […]

General Wine

A staff assignment to 'wine' about

What makes working at a newspaper exciting is the uniqueness of a new day of news. No two days are ever the same. In fact it’s almost a given that when someone in the newsroom says, “That’s it, I’ve seen it all,” the phone rings and someone says, “You won’t believe this but …” People […]

General Wine

Making wine is a dream come true

On Wednesday, March 27, the Wine Goddess, myself and nine other pioneering oeniphiles made history, turning out our first batch of homemade wine. Well, at least it was the first time for Belvidere Hill Estates Winery, the name of the new Campanini enterprise. It was with proud eyes — and anxious palates — that we […]