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Etna’s ‘Saxanigra Spumante Brut’: A volcanic sparkling wine that rocks with taste and tiny bubbles

I tried a new drink over the holidays and it was absolutely fantastic. Destro “Saxanigra” Spumante Millemisato Brut (SRP: $25) from the Mt. Etna region in Sicily. This Italian sparkling wine, from the 2017 vintage, is made from 100 percent red Nerello Mascalese grapes and puts to rest any notion that bubbly wines are less […]


Puglia’s Primitivo: Salivating over the Salento Peninsula

Some wines “speak” to you. They tell a story about history, culture and the people who cultivated the land, grew the grapes and made the wines. That’s why I am fascinated by Old World wines from Italy and other European countries where viticulture has played an important role in people’s daily affairs going back thousands […]


COMING SOON: The Wine Goddess & The Garden

Mary Lee Harrington, aka The Wine Goddess, is also quite adept at cultivating daylilies. She’s been hybridizing the beautiful creations since 2014 and now has more than 600 in our Belvidere backyard. Every July, the landscape bursts with these gorgeous blooms of color – purple and gold, crimson and saffron yellow, blood orange and white. […]