Month: May 2013

General Wine

Time to test your Wine IQ

If you’ve been a regular reader of this column, you should be able to pass this test with ease. All questions are worth 5 points except where specified for multi-part answers. Answers are at the bottom of the column. No peeking. If you score 90 or more points, you’re in the Wine Wizard class. If […]

General Wine

A grand finale that's worthy of a toast

When the Wine Goddess told me several weeks ago she was planning a major announcement I reacted with a simple, inquisitive retort: “Should I break out Champagne, Prosecco, or the 2007 Ledson Cabernet Sauvignon from Anderson Valley?” She was amused. “How do you know if it is worthy of celebration?,” she said. “It could be […]

General Wine

It's May Day for wine tastings in the Valley

Several free wine tasting events are filling up the May calendar, beginning on Saturday, May 4, at Tutto Bene Wine & Cheese Cellar in Lowell. Richard “Riccardo” Rouke is planning a fabulolus take-off on the Kentucky Derby, which will be contested later in the day at venerable Churchill Downs. He’s schedule a Run for the […]