Month: January 2020

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Six Cotes-du-Rhone wines that replenish the vines, refresh the palate

Vintners Jean Orens Ferraton and his son Michel have known winemaker extraordinaire Michel Chapoutier for more than two decades. In the mid-1990s, they brought organic farming to Rhone Valley vineyards when the term was still obscure. The Ferratons, whose winery was launched in 1946 by Jean, have relied on Chapoutier’s guidance to allow the land […]


Five California Pinot Noirs that are in a groove for grape-ness

[URIS id=5731] Is Pinot Noir the grape of California’s future? It’s difficult to predict because the thin-skinned black grape needs almost ideal – and cooler – conditions to produce quality fruit. Sunny, warmer California presents an issue. Yet California’s innovative winemakers are adapting their unique terroirs to Pinot Noir and no longer feel intimidated by […]