Thanksgiving wine list alert

I’m concluding my research this weekend and will be releasing the Thanksgiving Day wine recommendations of several Greater Lowell’s top wine merchants on Thursday, Nov. 15. I’ve visited with Andrea DiFiore of Andover Liquors, Dickie Rourke of Tutto Bene Wine & Cheese Cellar, and Jay Cahill of Harrington’s Liquors in Chelmsford. I’m also speaking to Steve Macejewski of Stadium Liquors in Tewksbury.

The Thanksgiving Day table is one of the most unique for the foods that are served. Turkey, with white and dark meat and gravy, presents many options in wine pairings. Then add in the various vegetable plates, potato dishes, salads and appetizers, and there is a host of combinations and tastes for several wines to take center stage, both red and white varieties.

Champagnes in recent years have grown in popularity on Thanksgiving Day. The dry, bubbly, acidic champagnes cut through many of the competing food tastes and usually enhance the meal with a cool, refreshing finish. Other whites that are making the grade are dry and semi-sweet Rieslings, French Vouvray, Gewurtztraminer and even some unoaked Chardonnay. While Pinot Noirs usually take the No. 1 spot on the Turkey Day table for red, there is growing admiration for richer, fruit forward wines like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon and smooth blends.

On Nov. 15, I will deliver a list of selections in all price ranges that promise to wow the palate and bring total enjoyment to the family table. I’ll be sampling this weekend with the Wine Goddess.

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