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Two cooool reds that refresh from Italy’s majestic Alto Adige/Suditrol

Coooooool climate wines? Where better to look than Italy’s Alto Adige (Suditirol), the country’s most isolated, northernmost wine-growing region whose borders touch Austria and Switzerland? Yes, the winters are cold and snowy near the Italian Swiss Alps and Dolomite mountains. Yet, most of the year there’s plenty of bright sunshine (300 days) to stimulate vines. […]

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Carignano del Sulcis: Sardinia's hidden gems

Dottore Marco Santarelli looks like a young Italian actor, more suited to making movies than growing grapes. But the 32-year-old enologist is serious about his craft — winemaker for the Santadi winery in Sardinia’s Carignano del Sulcis region. “Winemaking is very easy if the grapes grow clean,” says Santarelli, noting the less interference from the […]