‘Lady Z’ sparkles on Champagne podcast -‘Tis the season to be bubbly!

It’s bubbly season – as in celebrating the holidays with sparkling wine – and on my most recent podcast I talk with one of Lowell’s most engaging Champagne drinkers, “Lady Z” herself, Dacey Zouzas.

Click on the following link to watch the 34-minute show: Grapefully Yours w/Jim Campanini – Champagne – YouTube

You’ll see me wearing a sharp tuxedo while Dacey is stunning in a gold lame pantsuit.

I’sshowtime for Dacey Zouzas, the “Gal of Glamor”, and Jim Campanini

Dacey, of course, is well known throughout the Merrimack Valley. She is the former author of the popular “Z List” social scene column that ran weekly in The Lowell Sun for seven years. In her inimitable and elegant style, Dacey covered hundreds of non-profit and community events, snapping thousands of photos of guests in attendance.

In Dacey’s world, events held by smaller, under-the-radar charitable organizations  received the same enthusiastic treatment as did the big galas put on by more established nonprofits.

I always enjoyed working with Dacey at The Sun, where I was the editor. She is an amazing person on so many levels.

Dacey’s beverage of choice is Champagne. It’s the only wine she drinks. She’s been to Paris and visited some of the great Champagne houses, including the historic winery launched by Madame Veuve Clicquot in the early 19th century.

If you watch the video, Dacey tells a delightful story about Madam Clicquot’s work and the visit to the gorgeous, modern-day winery.

You’ll also see just how knowledgeable Dacey is about Champagne. In fact, during our “blind tasting” segment, in which I covered up the name of a bottle of Champagne, Dacey sipped, swallowed and delivered astutely her impressions of the bubbly. A few moments later, she correctly identified the name of the wine without even a hint from me. It was amazing!

There are 100 large Champagne Houses in France and 19,000 smaller producers.  Dacey’s probably tasted most of their bubblies – and knows their special attributes. She’s incredible!

So, I hope you watch the video. You’ll learn some interesting facts about Champagne and hear my Top Five “Affordable” List of French Champagnes for holiday parties.

Most important, however, is you’ll learn the name of my No. 1 pick, which costs less than $24, right from Dacey’s lips.