Chateau Miraval: Shades of summer

If you’re looking for a dry and delicious rosé to get your summer sipping season started, try Chateaux Miraval Cotes de Provence Rosé. It’s one of my favorites for relaxing on the deck, reading a book in the pergola, or for welcoming guests before dinner.

Chateau Miraval is now on sale for $19.99 through Saturday, April 29, in New Hampshire wine outlets.

The rosé has a Hollywood story behind it.

In 2008, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, then a couple, bought the rundown Chateau Miraval estate in the south of France for $67 million.

They restored the property, including its 150 acres of vineyards, in a joint business venture with the famous Perrin family of Chateau Beaucastel in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

The viticultural union has turned out better than the Jolie-Pitt marriage, which dissolved in divorce in 2016. Who gets the chateau — and whether the winery survives — is now a legal matter.

The couple’s split, however, hasn’t hurt the rosé’s quality. It seems to get better every year, and the 2016 vintage is no exception.

Chateau Miraval comes in an elegantly shaped, rounded bottle. The wine’s color is a pale pink that glitters in the light. It delivers whiffs of strawberry perfume on the nose, and bright strawberry and citrus flavors on the palate. It’s delicately crafted from Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah grapes with a touch of Rolle.