Bargain No. 2: Alamos Chardonnay from Argentina

On a recent Friday night, when the Wine Goddess was taking a break from playing Kitchen Goddess, we ordered fish and chips with cole slaw from a favorite take-out place that knows how to “cook.”

The 2011 Alamos Chardonnay is clean, crisp and a remarkable buy at $7.99.
The 2011 Alamos Chardonnay is clean, crisp and a remarkable buy at $7.99.

Because of the batter on the fish, I searched for a white wine that would cut through the fried taste and merge with the haddock flavors. No problem. The 2011 Alamos Chardonnay from Mendoza, Argentina is a perfect accompaniment for white fish, raw seafood, chicken or sipping. It is Bargain No. 2 as the Wine Novice builds a quality case of wine for under $100. This sells for $7.99 at a local wine outlet and annually shows up on top value lists at Wine Enthusiast and Wine Spectator magazines.
The Alamos Chardonnay boasts an eye-catching straw/gold color in the glass and pleasantly peach nose. It’s full-bodied white and beautifully coats the tongue with apple and melon flavors. I liked the clean citrusy finish. The Wine Goddess detected a subtle hint of vanilla and oak.
You’d never go wrong serving this chilled chardonnay.
This selection bring the total spent to $14.48 leaving $85.52 in the bank with 10 bottles to go.

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